Totally Free DVD Transcoder

Totally Free DVD Transcoder is a high quality, high speed DVD video transcoder. It transcodes original DVDs into 4 GB movie files that are compatible with burning devices.

Totally Free DVD Transcoder is based on new transcoding engine which transcode DVD and burn DVDR discs without any quality or feature lost.

Totally Free DVD Transcoder

License Type: FREE for any purpose
Current Version: 2.4     Compatibility: WinAll

This software contains a DeCSS system. Keep in mind that DeCSS has been declared illegal in many countries. Before you use our software, you have to find out if DeCSS is allowed in your country. We do not assume responsibility under any circumstances


Build-in Video DVD Burner
Use the build-in burner you can burn the transcoded DVD content into DVD disc.

Burn Options:
1. Medium Name-----------------This is the disc label. It will be write into the DVDR disc
2. No Of Media--------------------How many discs you want to burn
3. Simulate Burn-----------------Test the burn process. NO data will be write into the DVDR disc actually
4. Use Burnproof-----------------Proof the data. This option can avoid burn bad disc
5. Speed----------------------------Set the burn speed. If the burn process is unsuccessful, you can change this value and try again.
6. Eject Medium After Burn--If you set this value, please be sure nothing in front of the tray of your DVD writer




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